07 February 2009

still waiting!

WOW! Can't believe it has been just over a year since we started this journey!! Like many others I know, the adoption journey is one of great joy but equally frustrating...right!? I remember when Bob and I went to our first adoption meeting in I believe 2004, yah,that seems like forever ago now. Everyone at the meeting was so interested in adopting from Vietnam and South Korea. Don't get me wrong, I was too, but I was also so intrigued by what was and wasn't said about the India program. Well, here I am now 5 years later, so much has happened, and happier than ever to be dreaming about the daughter I so badly wish to hold and love, and play with. I feel so lucky. I just can't wait!!! The dream is going to come true and baby girl is just around the corner. I can feel it in the air! I know god gives you what he knows you can handle. I know this is meant to be:) !
Now, if I can just be as patient as my husband...men are so different. :)
lots of love & God bless!


Amy said...

Praying you get that good news soon. You will learn a lot about patience during this journey. I still struggle with it. So glad you chose India :)

Julie & Patrick said...

Waiting is certainly something that you get a little better at when going through this process. I think you have a great attitude about it!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

Hi Seneca --

I just found your blog . . . We sure are thinking of and praying for all the waiting families, including yours. We hope you hear more news soon!
-- Nancy (Anya Rashi's mama)