10 February 2010

Super Bowl Sunday!

Presenting......Meera Noel!

Well Everybody, I think this picture was taken at the airport in Kolkata! What a trip we had! Meera, Bob and I are doing well. I am finally recovering from all the travel and sleep deprivation...not to mention the blues I had after all the anticipation and excitement of becoming a mother!

India was very interesting and I wanted to do more while we were there but it was a lot harder with baby in tow! The people were wonderful and the food was great...not to mention all the neat things you can buy there if you can wheel and deal! I had help with that.:-)

Meera is adjusting well and I am looking forward to when she lets me set her down and do something, lol! Meera is strong willed and has a fuse that once lit she is off like a little fire cracker. Kinda reminds me of myself...hmmmm. All the pets love her, even our scaredy cat Baxter. Meera is still learning to trust me and her Dad but I guess in time she will realize we are here to stay. I can't wait until she gives me a big kiss! Quick snuggles and sharing her cookies with me will have to suffice for now !

Thank You- to those of you who have followed this journey to Meera and all the love we have received!!! I am so grateful. I will try to keep this blog going for a while and update. Lately I am a bit disorganized and don't have alot of computer time, you understand right.
Lots of LOVE !!!

17 January 2010


Today has been an exciting day to say the least! We have thoroughly enjoyed our first day as a family of 3,.....more later! Thanks for everyon's prayers and support! Bye for now!

15 January 2010

30+/- hours

Hello everyone. We are sitting at the airport in New Delhi waiting for our connection to Kolkata. Once Bob and I get to the hotel later we will set up a meeting time for tomorrow when we will finally meet Meera. We are guessing it will be around 11 am on the 17th local time, so approximately 30 hours from now. We can't wait!! We will take pictures of everyone's babies that we can and send them to Jynger. We will keep you guys posted. Thank you for your support. Seneca

12 January 2010

My Meera....

Soon I will be picking you up and carrying you out of the only place you have ever known. I pray that this move isn't too hard on you and that you accept me as best as you can. I promise to love you and always be there for you. I first met you in a dream but now you are a dream come true! Your face was just as it is now...just smiling away. You were my child before you were even born.
You don't know how much I have longed to meet and hold you in my arms, and kiss you goodnight, but you will. I thank god everyday for bringing us together. I will try not to have too many expectations of you. I will be patient. I love you.
See you soon!!!

Your Mom,
Seneca xoxo

12 months old

Okay, is that not a sweet face!?
I can't wait to see Meera stand and walk for
her Dad and I!
From what I hear, Meera is just bouncing right along through and from all the pictures I have received it doesn't seem like she misses out on being held! I feel like the Ayah's really do their best there to give the children good care. I think it must be hard not to get attached to the children. I look forward to meeting the Ayahs, especially the one holding Meera's hands in the one picture. She is in alot of pics and a video with Meera, and she looks like such a nice person. ~Seneca~

24 December 2009

Baby Shower! (11/14/09)

hi! Well I can't believe it is Christmas Eve and I am just now able to get on my blog!! I have a computer again! Yeah!
This is a picture from a baby shower held for me by some GREAT friends I have made through work! The cupcakes were so good and there was one big one for me with a baby on it that could have been a little Meera!
I am so lucky to have so many good people in my life! Thank God!
I have recieved so many new photos of Meera in the past 2 months, and I should say that Bob and I will hopefully be going to get Meera in mid January!!!
We are going to be celebrating Meera's 1st birthday on Monday! Wish she was here. At least she doesn't know she is missing anything, right! I will make it up to her.
Now that Bob is home, we can do a few more things for Meera's homecoming. I just got her bedding in and it is soooo cute.
I am sorry for not getting updates out!
Merry Christmas!!!!