20 January 2009


I am so hopeful today!!! The inauguration of Barrack Obama is I pray a dawning of a new era, breaking free of the past eight years and a huge step in breaking down the walls of prejudice and racism(of all people, not just african american)! Even if you didn't vote for him, who can deny the historical significance of this day. Jubilation, reverence, euphoria, democracy, unity are a few words that come to my mind!
I feel like our daughter to be will have less chance of being treated differently because of the color of her skin or how she "looks". She will know that this country is a place where anyone can succeed, regardless of race, sex,or religion! God knows this President will have his work cut out for him. I pray that good things are to come! I hope the soldiers get to leave Iraq,soon. I hope people take the energy and optimism of today and incorporate it into their daily lives. God Bless:)

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Becky said...

Power to the people!