15 January 2010

30+/- hours

Hello everyone. We are sitting at the airport in New Delhi waiting for our connection to Kolkata. Once Bob and I get to the hotel later we will set up a meeting time for tomorrow when we will finally meet Meera. We are guessing it will be around 11 am on the 17th local time, so approximately 30 hours from now. We can't wait!! We will take pictures of everyone's babies that we can and send them to Jynger. We will keep you guys posted. Thank you for your support. Seneca


Kristi W. said...

Yay! You are there!!! Can't wait to hear all about your meeting with Meera, and see some pics, too! You guys are in my prayers.

:) Kristi W.

Four..and ONE from India said...

WAHOO!! It's almost Meera time:) Have a great GOTCHA DAY and I am so excited for yah and can't wait to see some pictures. Give our Reela girl a hug from us,and tell her we love her. I just realized she just turned 8 months old today,so tell my girl HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You all are in my prayers and I am so glad that you will soon experience many joys of being parents.:)

Gidget,Shane and the boys.

The Pfeiffer Family said...

I am so happy you made it India safely! How exciting to be SO close to holding your daughter. I can't wait to see pictures of Meera in your arms. Please give our Alesha a hug and tell her we love her, if you get the chance!! I will be praying for an amazing day tomorrow.

April :-)

jasonliberty said...

Oh Seneca, how exciting! I bet you have lots of wonderful butterflies in your stomach about now! I can't wait to see you with your Meera!


Peter and Nancy said...

I am so thrilled for you! What a feeling to know that you're finally in the same country as your dear little girl. Can't wait to hear about your first meeting!