10 February 2010

Presenting......Meera Noel!

Well Everybody, I think this picture was taken at the airport in Kolkata! What a trip we had! Meera, Bob and I are doing well. I am finally recovering from all the travel and sleep deprivation...not to mention the blues I had after all the anticipation and excitement of becoming a mother!

India was very interesting and I wanted to do more while we were there but it was a lot harder with baby in tow! The people were wonderful and the food was great...not to mention all the neat things you can buy there if you can wheel and deal! I had help with that.:-)

Meera is adjusting well and I am looking forward to when she lets me set her down and do something, lol! Meera is strong willed and has a fuse that once lit she is off like a little fire cracker. Kinda reminds me of myself...hmmmm. All the pets love her, even our scaredy cat Baxter. Meera is still learning to trust me and her Dad but I guess in time she will realize we are here to stay. I can't wait until she gives me a big kiss! Quick snuggles and sharing her cookies with me will have to suffice for now !

Thank You- to those of you who have followed this journey to Meera and all the love we have received!!! I am so grateful. I will try to keep this blog going for a while and update. Lately I am a bit disorganized and don't have alot of computer time, you understand right.
Lots of LOVE !!!

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Your baby is ADORABLE!