03 November 2009

New pictures of Meera!

Her she is!! Miss M! Gotta love those eyes. Meera was just fed and it looks like her Aya is getting her cleaned up. Pictures like this one make me really want to get Meera home ! Can't wait to let her hair grow long and
and dress her in some of the nice clothes my mom and friends have sent. ;-)


Peter and Nancy said...

Love the wispy hair and chubby baby arms & legs. She looks wonderful!
-- Nancy

Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

I will make sure to tell her that her Mommy loves her VERY much and will be coming for her soon!! I know the wait is hard but hopefully it won't be much longer.

God bless-

Julie & Patrick said...

She looks great. Photos like this make waiting so incredibly hard. It is nice to see some chub on our cherubs!

Hope everything falls into place for traveling soon.

Julie R

theheartofachild said...

She is just beautiful!!! I know what you mean about the excitement of getting the pictures, but it also makes you want to hold them even more! :-) We were surprised with updated photos on Friday, so that was a treat!