29 September 2009


I know other Mom to Be's have felt this way, right! I just want a decent new photo and some kind of update on my baby....who just turned 9 months old yesterday!!!!
How much does she weigh, what is she doing now, what is her height, anything, something!!!
Don't get me wrong, I know those babies are well cared for and I know it is not always convenient for the orphanage employees to help gather this information. However, with all the money and effort that has been provided to bring our child, Meera home, am I asking too much?!
God must really be feeding a line of hope and patience directly into my very soul!! That doesn't mean I can't have days like these though(when I want to pull out my hair because I feel like everything is in limbo).
I'm sorry for whining. On a good note, all that fabrics I have been staring at for the past 6 months or so is finally being made into some delightful bedding for Meera! I added a paisley too! Can't wait to post a pic of it. Should be done by Halloween. Having gone back to 12 hour shifts has helped pay more and hopefully save a little before we go to India.
It's good to hear so many of us Dillon families are going to be united with our babies soon!! I love hearing the good news.
Have a great day! I will try to do the same. God bless!!


Peter and Nancy said...

Ugh -- I think it's so much harder to wait when you know who your child is. Those months waiting on the court system, and thinking about your baby growing and changing, are some of the hardest. Hang in there!
-- Nancy

Traci said...

It can be a terribly frustrating process. I've heard it all becomes a distant memory once you hold your child. I'm looking forward to that for all of us! Sending prayers for you - Traci (waiting on a passport for Selah)

Amy said...

It is hard Seneca! Your frustration is normal! I went through the same. I am sure you will get tons of pics soon with so many families getting ready to travel! Hang in there!

Julie & Patrick said...

It is so hard to know that all that stands between you and your child is a mound of paperwork and a plane ride. Your feelings are so true and normal for this part of the journey. Can't wait to see photos of her room. I'm sure the things you have lovingly made for her are beautiful.

Julie R

Debi said...

Meera is beautiful!! I am sure you do become frustrated, however, this is probably God's way of teaching you patience. She will be home with you soon and you will forget all the frustration prior to. I look forward to meeting her and watching you all grow together. Thanks for sharing this with me!