18 June 2009

Fun summer anyone?!

Hi Everyone! This is a pic from our buffalo canoe trip and a the other is a pic of crawdads and shrimp on a table ready to be eaten. Boy, were they good:) !! I Hope to hear good news soon, aas all of you who are still waiting for a child. i am praying everyday! Enjoy what you have. God Bless;)


Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

Buffalo?! NY? We could've gotten together. I'm not that far away if it was Buffalo, NY.

Looks like fun! We need to see some more referrals trickling in!!!

Prayers for movement.

The Fenwick Family said...

Pretty picture of the trip!! I really like shrimp!! I am hoping we get our referral this summer,but in the meantime I am enjoying and grateful for all God has given us,thanks for reminding me. Gidget

Peter and Nancy said...

Glad to see you're enjoying life in the midst of the maddening wait. I like my crawfish sliced and diced in Crawfish Etoufee. Yum!
-- Nancy