04 April 2009

Great News...

Hi everyone! This past week, Bob and I found out we are now at #6 on the waiting list for our little babe!! I really appreciate the boost it gave me when I got that reply from Dillon. I wasn't expecting anything. :0) I am a little nervous, feeling like I am walking on a ledge sometimes with all this adoption excitement. I am still keeping all my fellow blog/adoption buddies in my prayers,daily. I am hoping now that the Cards are back on the field, I will be somewhat distracted from the worries, ha ha, yeah right!! This spring has been beautiful. When I see all the flowers coming up, and the seeds I have sowed sprouting, I think about our daughter to be. Where is she in her phase of life? How bright and new her face will be to me.....like a flower in full bloom.
Well, I will try to bring more pics and updates soon. Bye for now. Hope eveyone is having a great weekend. Looking forward to Easter!


Gidg said...

YAY for number 6!! Glad things are moving.Can't wait to see pictures! I love the spring,just not the tornados!! Gidget

The Pfeiffer Family said...

Is always good news when you move up on the list! Congrats on #6.

April :-) waiting at #4

jasonliberty said...

Yay, so glad to hear things are moving!